Ewe And Aye, penguin, kitty, & crab
Mother Goose, pigs, and birds
bears, cow and friends, & unicorn
marshmallows, penguin, bunny, & ghosts

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Ewe and Aye
It's always been my secret wish to have a character of mine as a balloon in
the Thanksgiving Day Parade. My first picture book came out last December,
EWE AND AYE, written by Candace Ryan, and illustrated by Stephanie Ruble
Since nobody asked me to create balloons for the official Macy's Thanksgiving
Day Parade
, I decided to draw Ewe and Aye balloons for my own parade. BTW,
Ewe and Aye would be great as balloons because Ewe and Aye want to fly!
image also worked for the Illustration Friday prompt that week: city. Here's a
close up of my favorite part of the image (little Ewes and Ayes pulling the balloon):

Penguin On The Phone
This penguin that loves talking on the phone was for World Penguin Day and
National Telephone Day. (There are a lot of holidays that most people have never
heard of. Sometimes these unusual holidays inspire me to make art. If there's
more than one holiday on the same day, I might combine them.

This kitty is from a post I wrote on three ways to make a picture book dummy.
It first appeared as a guest post for Smart Dummies.

Carpe Diem / Crabbe Diem
These two paintings were for the Illustration Friday prompt: whimsical. I was
itching to get out my paints again and had the idea to revisit the saying, carpe
diem, or seize the day. Many years ago, I drew an image that incorporated the
saying, along with a picture of a fish and a crab and a saying I made up: crabbe
diem. That idea as a set of two new paintings seemed like a good expression of
whimsical. I like to think of my little crab as the Oscar The Grouch of the ocean.
(Oscar is one of my favorite Sesame Street characters.)