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Q: Why make art for fun?
A: I'm always working on projects or art for my portfolio, but make time to create art just for me. Art that's just for fun might be in a different style, use a different medium, or it could even be a doodle! It helps me stay creative and the things I learn help me when I make art for books or other projects.

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bears (wearing pants) in an amusement park
Bears (Wearing Pants) In An Amusement Park

Don't remember what made me doodle this, but the whole time (and whenever I see the picture) this phrase goes through my head: Bears wearing pants! Pants in an amusement park. Bears wearing pants! Scroll down to see a few close ups of the bears wearing pants in the amusement park (you can't see the pants in all the pictures, but they are wearing them).

2 bears in a rollercoaster car at the top of the hill

bears on the ferris wheel

bears buying tickets and holding balloons